White iPhone 4 delayed because of button?

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iPhone 4 White

Wondering what’s up with that highly-desired white iPhone 4? Well, look what the site PocketLint found while attending a press event somewhere in New York; none other than the white iPhone 4 being used by a “mysterious man.” It appears to be the real thing, not your customized black iPhone 4 or a copycat imported from China.

As if taking some covert shots was not enough, the folks at PocketLint managed to approach the owner of the elusive white iPhone 4 and ask him why he has it. It turns out the man has a friend who works at One Infinite Loop (which happens to be Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, of course). That friend gave the man the white iPhone 4 and even said that piles of them were stocked up at Apple’s headquarters.

Now, here’s the juicy part; the man also said the reason why Apple has not released the white iPhone 4 is because of one minor issue—a mis-match of the white home button and the white face plate of the iPhone 4. It seems the supplier of the white home screen button is failing to meet Apple’s requirements. Hence, the white iPhone 4 remains an elusive dream for all of us.

So, there you go. Hopefully, Apple sorts this problem out and finally gives us the white iPhone 4. It would make a great White Christmas gift that every iPhone fan would love to receive.

Via [Pocket-Lint]

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  • itrix

    I think that its a great move by Apple to delay the release of the white iPhone since its only going to hurt their market in the long run if they start selling defective merchandise.

  • jscottk

    Why not just make the home button the same light gray color as Apple's power cords and ear bud trim? It would also help with eventual grime that's going to build up on the most used button on this device.

  • carachy

    please fix the button soon on whitey, i am sick and tired of every device being Black!!!