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Across Age HD Game iconCategory: Games
Seller: FDG Entertainment
Requirements: iOS 3.2 or later
Compatibility: iPad
File Size: 188 MB
Version Reviewed: 1.5
Price: $7.99
Age Rating: 12+

Having played Chaos Rings just recently, I thought it would be hard to find a similarly good game for the iPad. I was wrong. There is another great RPG adventure game available: Across Age HD. Fans of old school 16-bit RPGs such as the all-time-classic Legend of Zelda will surely have a blast with this flashback game. Across Age has all the bells and whistles that make up a classic RPG title, and we’re fortunate to be able to play it on the iPad.

Across Age HD

The game opens up with a very nice anime sequence which introduces the game’s storyline. The anime sequence is a treat to behold on the iPad’s bright screen. And since there aren’t many iPad games that feature anime cut scenes, Across HD’s sequence is the best we’ve seen.

After the cut scene, you can get right into playing the game. You take control of one of the game’s main characters: Ales. The first thing Ales must do is find the other main character of the game, the magician Ceska, who will join Ales on his epic journey to solve the mystery of who slaughtered Ales’ town. The adventure could probably give you around 15 hours of engaging gameplay with all the things you’d expect from an RPG title. Various random battles, boss battles, useful items, treasure chests, riddles, dungeons and various other essential ingredients are all here.

Across Age HD

Speaking of battles, there are two things that you should know about the game’s combat system. It’s real-time, not the turn-based system like that of Chaos Rings. You can play as a team during battle, but only one will be at the frontline; the other character will play a back-up role. You can switch between characters at any time. This feature plays an important part when you are trying out to solve the game’s puzzles.

So, how about the graphics? They’re great. The 2D sprites looks beautiful on the iPad screen. I prefer Across Age’s HD graphics over the pixelated backgrounds of Chaos Rings.

And there you have Across HD for the iPad. It’s a nice trip into gaming days-gone-by on the hottest gaming device available right now. Hopefully, the next RPG games we encounter on the App Store will be as good as this offering from FDG Entertainment.

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Across Age HD review

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