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an old email on fire screenshotI used to write letters. I was really into it, using fountain pens with colored inks, nice paper, hand-made envelopes cut from maps and old magazines, and wax seals that were probably crushed by modern post office sorting machines. Such is the influence of Griffin and Sabine. Of course, no one ever wrote back, so I lost the habit. Email and Twitter are faster, but they lack the pleasure of getting a real letter.

What is it?

An Old Email On Fire (EoF) gives you a small taste of letter writing. Instead of a plain-text email, your friends (or even your enemies, I suppose), will get a colorful message that looks like an old-fashioned love letter (or declaration of war).

How does it work?

EoF gives you “paper” to write on (nine colors), ink to write with (four colors), a “pen” to freehand write or sketch with, six cursive fonts to type with, a wax seal, and, true to its name, you can even set the edges of the paper on fire. If you make a mistake with the freehand pen, there’s an eraser (which doesn’t affect any other element).

When you’re done, the “letter” is converted to an image file and emailed.

Is it contagious?

If you enjoy the idea of sending a colorful, personalized message. Every once in a while, that is, because sending messages as images has its limits: some of the fonts can be hard to read in the smaller sizes, and the freehand pen is a clumsy way to write.

Still, the textured paper is beautiful and there’s something pleasing about seeing cursive writing in colored “ink.” There aren’t too many people to whom I’d send a message using An Old Email on Fire, but for those I do, it’ll be a rare treat.

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Developer: Christian Chab
Cost: $0.99
Download: An Old Email on Fire
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