Sanho to cease sales of HyperMac MacBook charging cables

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HyperMac MacBook cable last call

Last call for anyone not satisfied with the battery life of their MacBook. Sanho Corporation has announced they’ll be ceasing sales of HyperMac MacBook charging cables and car adapters on November 2nd, 2010 as a result of their recent legal battle with Apple. You’ll still be able to purchase a HyperMac battery after the cut-off date, but you won’t be able to buy the cable that makes it useful for a MacBook. So, if you want what many consider to be one of the best accessories for the MacBook, you’d be well advised to act quickly.

I’ve reviewed many of the HyperMac batteries, and it’s easy to say that November 2nd will be a sad day. A HyperMac battery is the perfect accessory for MacBooks since it can substantially increase your battery life. If you have a MacBook, chances are good that you need that battery life to stay productive, or at least entertained. The HyperMac battery has been the only accessory that can provide that extended battery life without being tethered to a power socket. Soon, the only options you’ll have left will be to dim the backlight and/or buy a power inverter for the car.

So, if you even suspect that your MacBook’s battery life isn’t enough for you, you should at least think about ordering a HyperMac Battery with MacBook charging cable before they’re gone forever. You can order one until November 2nd, or until they sell out. And considering they’re going to be rare soon, you might want to make up your mind, like now.

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