Civilization V coming to Mac for the holidays

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Civ 5 Mac Box ShotIn a move that should simultaneously surprise no one and bring them great joy, Aspyr has announced they are bringing Civilization V to the Mac for the Holiday 2010 season. The popular series of “god games” allows users to build a culture all the way from a single tribe up to world-conquering nation that conquers space. Along the way they must research technology, mine resources, and deal with neighboring civilizations by negotiation or war (though the latter seems much more popular).

Aspyr Media, Inc. announced today they will publish Sid Meier’s Civilization® V for Mac, the latest entry from the flagship turn-based strategy franchise. Released in partnership with 2K Games, a wholly owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), Sid Meier’s Civilization V is the newest addition to the enormously popular Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise on the Mac.

Developed by Firaxis Games, Sid Meier’s Civilization V reinvigorates the classic turn-based strategy genre with an astonishing new engine built from the ground-up for this flagship edition of the Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise. Players are introduced to an entirely new combat system, deeper diplomatic interactions and a cavalcade of expanded features that deliver a fully immersive experience. Players build and defend their empire on their quest to become the greatest ruler the world has ever known. The Mac version is expected to be available this holiday season.

“The Civilization franchise is a fan-favorite and one of the best-selling Mac games ever. We are thrilled to be able to participate in this newest version and bring Mac gamers this native experience so close to the PC launch,” says Ted Staloch, Aspyr Media’s Executive Vice President.

Features of Sid Meier’s Civilization V Mac include:

  • Hexagonal tiles that allow for deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and stunning organic landscapes for players to explore as they expand their empire.

  • A brand new engine which orchestrates a spectacular visual experience that brings players closer to the Civ experience than ever before, featuring fully animated leaders interacting with players from a screen-filling diplomatic scene and speaking in their native language for the first time.
  • Wars between empires that feel massive as armies dominate the landscape, and combat is more exciting and intense than ever before.
  • The addition of ranged bombardment that allows weapons to be fired from behind the front lines, and challenges players to develop clever new strategies to guarantee victory on the battlefield.

While we all wait, let’s enjoy some Appletell reviews of previous installments in the series, like this one for the expansion: Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword and another from our sister site, Gamertell: Top Ten Things Missing in Civilization V.”

Or, you could learn more about Sid Meier’s Civilization V for Mac at or

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