Appletell reviews the SwitchEasy TRIM Case for iPhone 4

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Provides: Protection from scratches and minor bumps
Developer: SwitchEasy
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $19.99
Availability: Now

Although I really like the SwitchEasy NUDE Case I got for my iPhone 4, I found two problems about the case: it’s difficult to remove and the back part scratches so fast. So, I was forced to look for another case. Fortunately, SwitchEasy released the SwitchEasy TRIM. The product photos alone were enough to convince me to buy this case.

SwitchEasy TRIM

It arrived after a couple of days, and lo and behold, a sleek, black iPhone 4 case greeted me. Putting it on my iPhone 4 was a no-brainer; you just slip your phone into the case’s mold and voila, you’ve got a pretty good looking protective case for your iPhone 4.

Did the case give the iPhone added bulk? Unfortunately, yes, but I love the design, so that didn’t bother me too much. As you can see from the photo below, the case has three layers of lining on the side. This gives it quite a unique look. The case’s frame is made of soft, scratch-proof hydro polymer materials. So far, I can’t find any scratches despite transporting my iPhone 4 inside my pockets. The case also protects your iPhone 4’s skin if you place it on a table face-down.

SwitchEasy TRIM Case

Aside from the scratch-proof frame, the SwitchEasy TRIM also has a polycarbonate back panel which has a frosted transparent look so you can still see the Apple logo and the iPhone name.

Final verdict? Despite the added bulk, there’s something about the SwitchEasy TRIM for iPhone 4 that makes me like it more every day. It could be the unique design, the transparent back panel or the soft frame, or it could be all of these features.

The SwitchEasy TRIM iPhone 4 case is available now for $19.99.

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