How to use FaceTIme on multiple Macs and iDevices with the same Apple ID

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Finally, Apple’s FaceTime is available on Mac computers in addition to the iPhone 4 and the most recent iPod touch. And if you’re anything like me, you have more than just one of the aforementioned devices, but just one Apple ID. No worries, if your Apple ID is linked to a Gmail account, there’s an easy way to effectively use it with every device you have.

This is more of a feature of Gmail than it is of FaceTime, but the two combine extremely well. Gmail supports modifications to your standard email address by adding a plus sign and a string of characters between your username and @. Here’s an example:

This is about the easiest way possible to use the same AppleID and the same email address for multiple devices using FaceTime. All you have to do is use this naming scheme when entering the email address you’d like to use with FaceTime. It also helps to add these “email addresses” to your Address Book so you can call up any one of your devices easily.

You could achieve a similar effect by creating separate email addresses for each of your devices and assigning them as before, but that could involve a lot of work depending on just how many machines you have. Instead of creating numerous email address and keeping track of them, all this method requires is that you verify each modified address with Apple after entering it into FaceTime. And since it’s still your regular email address, all verifications will go to the same place: your inbox.

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  • klaus

    This is all very well – but what I still can't figure out is IF and HOW someone like you and me – with a single Apple ID, but multiple devices, can use facetime calling up one of their own devices FROM another one of their own devices… We're a couple sharing and managing devices under the same Apple ID and this would obviously be what we really want…

  • Curious

    I can't get this to work with Facetime for my MacBook pro.

    I login with my MobileMe username and password then it asks me what email address I would like to use to be called at and I try using "" and it wont verify it…

    I want to have the MacBook Pro use, and my iPad2 use etc…

    Am I missing something?

  • Guest

    If you have multiple devices you can use the same email address on each one and just answer from whatever one you want. If someone calls you, they all ring. I do it all the time.