White iPhone delayed until Spring 2011

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white iPhone 4 delayed againE

For those who are still clinging to the hope that Apple will be releasing the much-coveted white iPhone 4, sorry to break the news, guys. Apple is not making it available this year. Not in time for Christmas. As reported by Reuters, the white iPhone 4 might finally be available by Spring of 2011. We hope so.

The official announcement came from Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller: “We’re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again.”

Ms. Muller did not elaborate on the reasons for the delay. And so we continue to bank on previous Apple statements saying that the white iPhone 4 is more challenging to manufacture than they have originally expected. Perhaps the color issue on the homescreen button is still a problem. Perhaps it’s another reason. Whatever’s causing the delay, the fact still remains that there will be no white Christmas for us iPhone 4 fans.

Interestingly, some reports are saying the white iPhone 4 suddenly appeared on the Apple Store iPhone app with provisions to reserve the unit. Could have been a minor slip on Apple’s part then.

Regardless, it’s another few months of waiting for us.

Via [Reuters]

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  • Bill

    Problem is by then no one will care as the iPhone 5 will be out next summer