Appletell reviews the SwitchEasy Colors Case for iPhone 4

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Provides: Protection from scratches and minor bumps
Developer: SwitchEasy
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $13.99
Availability: Now

Looking for the best silicone case for your iPhone 4? The SwitchEasy Colors iPhone 4 case is possibly the best there is. Although I prefer using hard cases over soft silicone case, the SwitchEasy Colors case is an exception. I’ve had this case for my iPhone 3GS and now for my iPhone 4, and it’s still the same precisely-fitted, iPhone body-hugging case I enjoyed using. In fact, this case for the iPhone 4 is much better than the version for the iPhone 3GS.

What I really like about this case is that despite its silicone material, it does not add too much bulk or weight to the iPhone 4. It’s very rare you find a silicone case with those characteristics. SwitchEasy seems to have mastered this best-fitted design in their Colors cases for iPhone. Other cases tend to have parts which loosen up quickly, especially when you often remove your iPhone 4. The SwitchEasy Colors case remain tight no matter how many times you remove it from your iPhone and put it back on.

SwitchEasy Colors review

Another nice feature of the SwitchEasy Colors iPhone 4 case is the grip it provides. The rubbery feel of the silicone material ensures your iPhone will not slip easily on flat surfaces or even when you pull it out of your pocket. Despite its smooth surface and soft texture, you won’t believe this case provides protection for your iPhone 4 from accidental bumps and falls. But since the case is so thin when compared to previous models of the Colors case, the shock absorption it provides is not as effective.

If you’ve used any SwitchEasy case before, one reason why you continue is the fact that these cases provide protection not only to the body of your iPhone but for its different ports and holes. The SwitchEasy Colors case has your phone fully covered, including rubber materials for covering your iPhone 4’s connector port and 3.55mm jack. This ensures that those ports and connectors are always free from dust and grime.

SwitchEasy Colors review

Finally, one unique feature of the SwitchEasy Colors case is, of course, the hard plastic button thatcovers your iPhone 4’s home button. It comes in various color. What you’ll like about this home button is that they are designed differently from case to case.

The SwitchEasy Colors case for iPhone 4 is now available for $14.99.

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