Google wanted Steve Jobs as CEO

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A possible outcome if Steve Jobs had become Google CEOTen years ago, Google’s co-founders were on the look out for a new chief executive officer to take control of the company. They interviewed over ten potential candidates for the position, but none of them apparently fit the role. During the process however, they met with Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, and it was seemingly love at first sight, according to a report at Gizmodo. In their perfect world, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, would’ve loved for Steve Jobs to take the reins at Google HQ, but as we know too well, Jobs had other plans. You can’t blame them for trying though, can you?

Let’s say for a minute they had been successful in their wish, and Steve Jobs had become Google CEO. Would the iPhone be running Android, or would it be Google Chrome OS that was about to launch its own App Store?

For what it’s worth, I’m more than happy that Jobs chose to stay at Apple, and I would imagine he never thought seriously about leaving to become Google CEO.

Via [Gizmodo]

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  • iRumorsOnline

    So thats why google just tries to copy Apples innovative ideas.

  • dpantelis

    The truth is that Apple is the most innovative company in the computer and communications market. And a man who has achieved this goal for Apple is Steve Jobs. It doesn't surprise me that Google wants him to be its new CEO. If I was Google I would do the same thing.