Angry Birds saga continues with Halloween Edition

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Angry Birds

Can’t get enough Angry Birds? If you’re like a lot of people, you are probably eagerly awaiting each Angry Birds update in order to get the new levels and beat them right away. Then, the circle continues. If you’re even cooler, you’ve gone back and gotten three stars on every level just to prove to your friends you’ve mastered the game. Well, if you’re sick of the usual Angry Birds and want to try something new, why not go ahead download and beat Angry Birds Halloween edition?

At $0.99, this game comes with Halloween themed levels, pumpkins, and the usual birds you’ve come to grow and love. What’s even more impressive is that it already has 4,000+ ratings, which means it’s probably got thousands upon thousands of sales already. In short, it’s the game to beat if you want to make it big in the App Store.

Now, just to wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years editions…

Need even more Angry Birds in your life? They even have plush toys now.

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