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Monsters Love Gum

The best thing about the board game Hungry Hungry Hippos, I believe, is that my kids can kick my butt at it without me having to let them. You know the game, right? Marbles shooting around a playfield while you flick out a hippopotamus head to grab them? He or she with the most marbles wins. The same gameplay applies to Monsters Love Gum, albeit with your typical enhancements to take advantage of the iPad’s functionality.

What is it?

Monsters Love Game is a simple but well produced game in which various monsters with different capabilities try to grab more gum than their opponents. Up to four people can play, and players get their choice of monster from six types. Pick the one that best suits your playing style, then prepare to mash that action button.

How does it work?

The monsters are stationary, reaching out from a platform with a long, quick tongue, wide, slow slime breath, or other method to grab the gum that bounces around the playfield. Unlike the board game on which its based, however, you may want to incorporate some strategy. The playfied includes explosives, for example, that will incapacitate your monster for a short time if you accidentally grab them. On the other hand, there are also power-ups to help you on your way.

Monsters Love Gum features two game modes to keep things interesting, but note that it has a habit of insulting you while you play and after you lose. If you’re trying to empower your children with the belief that everything they do is fantastic and there are no losers in competitions, this game will set them back a bit.

Is it contagious?

Yes, provided you have someone to play it with. You can play the computer, but the real fun is in playing it with up to three other people. Because you only need to worry about hitting one button, it’s surprisingly comfortable to play with four people crowded around the iPad. The power-ups and penalties add an interesting element, but I found that worrying about them would often lead to a loss when playing against opponents who were happy to just mash that action button until the game was over. Still, if you at all enjoyed Hungry Hungry Hippos, this modern take on it will provide an enjoyable, portable, plastic-free gaming experience.

Category: Games
Developer: SortaPrecision Technologies, LLC
Cost: $1.99
Download: Monsters Love Gum
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