80% of tablet consumers still want the iPad

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Apple iPad with Safari browser

Last month, ChangeWave asked over 3,000 consumers about their purchase plans for the coming months. As the trends already show for 2010, people just aren’t buying netbooks, with more and more people looking towards the tablet options to fulfil their ultra-mobile computing needs. It’s hardly surprising to learn that this trend began to appear around the same time that Apple launched the iPad, and the numbers from this recent survey certainly back up the claim.

A graph showing the iPad's popularity with tablet consumers

As the above graph clearly shows, of the 3,108 consumers that responded to the survey, 80% of them said they were most likely to buy the Apple iPad over its upcoming competitors such as the RIM Playbook and Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s worth mentioning that both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the RIM Playbook haven’t been in the public eye for very long, but 80% of over 3,000 consumers is a decent amount on any scale.

Over time I would imagine the playing field will level out to some extent, but it’s great seeing the iPad do so well. It certainly seems it’s not just Apple that thinks the iPad is a truly magical device.

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