It’s here: the Boxee Box lands November 10

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The Boxee Box is shipping November 10By the looks of things, this could turn into the year of the Internet TV. We’ve seen the latest offerings from Apple with the re-designed Apple TV, and Google has made its entrance with its conveniently named Google TV. Now, not a minute too soon, the Boxee Box is about to ship. Each competitive device has its own merits, with the Boxee Box claiming to bring “all your favorite TV shows and movies from the Internet or your hard drive onto your TV.” It’s a simple enough idea, and the hardware, built in partnership with D-Link, is sure to look great on display.

You’ve been able to pre-order the Boxee Box since mid-September for $199.99, but on November 10, they will finally begin to ship. We’ve already written a lot about the , and if you’re really lucky, we’ll hopefully have some more for you once the device begins to ship.

There’s already quite a bit of competition waiting for the Boxee Box, but something tells me it’ll survive just fine.

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