Finding, installing and testing iOS 4.2 on your iPad…now

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iPad 4.2 folder apps

Because I couldn’t wait any longer for Apple to release the official iPad 4.2 OS, I decided to download the GM beta copy. It took quite some time to download the two required files to get iOS 4.2 running, but it was all worth it as the iOS 4.2 features certainly brought new excitement to using my iPad. This excitement and enthusiasm had previously been somewhat affected by release of the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air and my desire to own it.

Download and Installation

To get iOS 4.2 running on your iPad, you need to get iPad iTunes 10.1 Beta 2 Mac OS X (a 68.05MB file) or iTunes 10.1 Beta 2, Windows x86 (a 70.9MB download). You also must get the iPad 4.2 GM file. Just do a Google search for these two files and I’m 100% sure you’ll find a site where you download them.

iPad 4.2 multitasking

Once you have the files, install iTunes 10.1 Beta 2. After that, you must click on the update button while holding the option key. You will then need to select the iPad 4.2 Beta 1 iPSW files you’ve downloaded. Then follow the usual process of updating your iPad, which should take less than an hour. After that, enjoy multitasking, folders, Game Center and other features on your iPad.


So, how did it go? Impressive? Well, a bit. While Apple deserves kudos for bringing the iOS 4.2 features to the iPad pretty quickly, I don’t like it as much as on my iPhone 4. Maybe it’s my iPad particular iPad unit, but I noticed that switching between apps as well as bringing out the multitasking bar can be a bit slow. Maybe I’m overusing my iPad. I hope not.

The folder options for grouping apps is, however, a very nice feature, like it is on the iPhone. My iPad has several app screens already, and I certainly find it difficult to find the right icon for the app I want to use. So, grouping these apps together is beneficial to me. The threaded email feature is also a useful new feature.

Other features that iOS 4.2 will be bringing to the iPad include Game Center, AirPrint, and several other minor tweaks on the iPad’s various settings. All in all, iOS 4.2 on the iPad will bring renewed interest to the iPad once it becomes officially available. Those who are probably thinking of disposing their iPad to get the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air might hold back, especially since new features of iOS 4.2 will bring several new functions to the iPad.

iOS 4.2 for iPad is supposed to come out anytime now, reportedly as early as November 9th. But if you can’t wait that long, all you need to do is search and you shall find a way to enjoy iPad 4.2 in just a few hours.

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