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Despite having been an English major in college, I’m not all that great at word games. I wasn’t a vocabulary major, after all, I focused on literature. So, the result of my college education is that I have a degree that’s useless for obtaining jobs, and I still get my but kicked at Scrabble by mom. But it’s not all bad. I get to blog, and that sometimes leads to games such as Word Solitaire: Aurora.

What is it?

There are three words on which to focus here. We’ll go in reverse. “Aurora” isn’t a gameplay element, it’s an effect.The playing field shimmers and glows like the Aurora Borealis, only with moving stars. “Solitaire” is the game on which this is based, as it’s played much like the klondike variation. But here, “Words” replace numbers. So, rather than create columns of descending numbers, you’re flipping cards in hopes of spelling out words.

Word Solitaire Aurora

How does it work?

Much like solitaire, you drag cards with your finger to place them over other cards. There’s some strategy on which cards to drag, but if you’re limited by your vocabulary as I am, you’ll mainly just be happy to focus on one word at a time. Note that the columns don’t need to spell words at all points (that would be pretty much impossible), they just need to be full words when all of the cards have been flipped.

You get things like wildcards to help you along the way, but Word Solitaire: Aurora is still quite challenging. The one aspect that helps, however, is that you can look at the letters in front of you to clue you in on possible words. It’s not like those games where you’re attempting to snatch words from memory; here, you’ve got visual reminders. So, your limited vocabulary suddenly grows a bit larger. You’ll need that help, too, because like your junior high English teacher, you get punished pretty severely when you mess up. Also, I’m not sure what the developers used for the game’s dictionary, but it’s not the Merriam-Webster I have sitting on my desk.

Word Solitaire: Aurora features a 250 level campaign mode, Game Center support, and a daily puzzle for competition against users worldwide.

Is it contagious?

You either like word games or you don’t. Word Solitaire: Aurora isn’t really aimed at those who enjoy a good game of klondike. Rather it’s meant for linguists and…uh…what’s the word for people who love words?

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Developer: Candywriter
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Download: Word Solitaire: Aurora
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