Apple creates App Store “Hall of Fame” category

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App Store Hall of FameInterested in knowing what apps are on the majority of iPhone owners phones? Also interested in seeing which developers have seen hundreds of thousands of downloads of their apps and see thousands more every day? Then be sure to check out Apple’s App Store Essentials Hall of Fame. Just in time for the beginning of the holiday season, this page highlights some of the most popular apps of all time. As you can expect, Angry Birds is the first app you’ll see.

There are also some other great apps highlighted on this page. For instance, you’ll find Plants vs. Zombies, Facebook, Pandora, and Ocarina.

Basically, if you’re looking for an app to fill a certain need you have, this would be the page to go to first to find the best of the best. I’m sure the developers of these apps are enjoying some nice extra traffic and downloads, too.

See [App Store Essentials Hall of Fame]

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