Some iPad apps showing iOS 4.2 compatibility as early as now

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iOS 4.2 update

Just one day before the rumored release of iOS 4.2, several iPad apps are now showing “iOS compatibility” updates. If you regularly check the updates option on your iPad App Store, you’ll notice that those updated as of Nov. 11 now have the “iOS compatibility” notation.

One such app is TED for iPad, which was updated for iOS 4.2 compatibility and improved feedback while viewing fullscreen videos. Another iPad app called Photo Transfer App includes several updates pertaining to iOS 4.2 features. This includes the ability to transfer videos in all directions with iOS 4.2, select photos to transfer inside of iPad (iOS 4.2) and the more obvious statement saying “Ready for iOS 4.2.” Dropbox is also iOS 4.2 ready.

These are just three of the apps which were updated to state that they are now iOS 4.2 compatible. I’m pretty sure you’ll see more depending on what apps have installed. Of course, This could only mean one thing—iOS 4.2 is just around the corner.

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  • Andrew K

    Every developer have got iOS4.2 since first beta a month ago. And there are much more apps that already support 4.2 on iPad. These three are just a "yet another app which support iOS4.2". And if they've released their apps only yesterday, they've hardly got it in time :)