iPhone Appidemic: Zombies – Everywhere!

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If you didn’t get your zombie game fix last Halloween, it doesn’t mean you can’t play such a game on your iPhone or iPod Touch anymore. You still can, and if you have the courage to do so, why not play an augmented reality game that lets you blast some zombies’ heads? The thing is, these zombies can come from behind you or right smack in front of you. Are you up for the adrenaline rush? Check out Zombies – Everywhere! for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Zombies - Everywhere

What is it?

Zombies – Everywhere! is an augmented reality game that utilizes your iPod Touch or iPhone’s video camera. It features 3D-rendered Zombies which are placed in a 3D world mapped on your own environment. The game is a straight-forward arcade zombie-shooting game. You get to use a machine gun, handgun and your own fist to eliminate zombies that appear behind you or right infront of you.

How does it work?

Since, this is a pretty simple game, all you need to master is reloading your “iphone” with ammunition. You do this by simply shaking your iPhone or tapping the gun icon with two fingers.

Zombies Everywhere

What makes the game interesting is, of course, the implementation of augemented reality. The game environment is your own location. The game considers your locations you’ve played at as well as the number of zombies you’ve killed in previous areas. This makes the game more interesting and less repetitive since you get to play in different “locations.” You’ll never run out of places where you can play the game.

Is it contagious?

If you’ve never played an augmented reality game before, this game is a good start. It serves as a teaser on how cool augmented reality is on your iPhone and iPod Touch. After some time, though, you’ll realize the actual gameplay tends to be repetitive.

Category: Game
Developer: Republic of Fun
Cost: $0.99
Download: Zombies – Everywhere!
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