Push and SMS notifications enabled for Twitter iPhone app

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Twitter for iPhoneIf the arrival of Google Voice to the iPhone got you a bit excited, here’s another announcement that may please you. This time it’s from the folks at Twitter, who have announced that they have updated the official Twitter for iPhone app. The app is now officially on version 3.2.1, and with the new version comes push and SMS notifications for @mentions.

Once enabled on your account, you will start receiving SMS and push notifications whenever a Twitter account you follow mentions you on their tweets. This simply means you’d know right away who is talking about you on Twitter. And with that, you can instantly join in on the conversation in real-time. This is particularly useful if you’re up and about doing something else and you’re iPhone is probably tucked inside your pocket or purse. Now, Twitter will always make sure you’ll see important those important tweets, particularly those which mentions you.

To set SMS notifications, you need to visit and check “text message notifications.” You also need to update your Twitter for iPhone app to the latest version.

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