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The Cartographer

Did you ever get one of those apps where you’re not sure if you’re using it to be productive or because it’s cool? Or maybe you use an app you don’t really need just because it’s fun to play around with? The Cartographer is one of those apps. It’s a Google My Maps program with some really useful features, but that’s not why you want it. You want it because it’s awesome.

What is it?

The first thing you’ll notice about The Cartographer is that its design, as A Tasty Pixel puts it, is, “Evocative of a time when maps were works of art.” The types of maps you hang in your office, not fold into your glove compartment. It achieves this via some nice design work and a filter placed over the Google Maps portion of the app to make it a little less harsh.

The Cartographer

But it’s also quick and intuitive way to access and edit your Google My Maps, with all of the functionality you’d expect and want to have.

How does it work?

The Cartographer is mainly about syncing, which it does quite well. You can set your maps up on the computer where it’s more comfortable to do so (the Mac is just much easier to work with than the iPhone), then pull them into The Cartographer. However, you can also certainly create and edit maps directly within the app. It’s not hard to do this, but it may take you a bit to get used to what the icons represent.

Make your changes and publish them back to My Maps or share them with others via e-mail and Twitter.

Another cool feature is that The Cartographer integrates with OpenStreetMap (the free Wiki world map) for offline use. So, even if you can’t get a connection or want to avoid roaming charges, you can access your maps.

Is it contagious?

The Cartographer is currently selling for an introductory rate of $1.99. Even without this 50% discount, yes, The Cartographer is contagious. It’s a great looking app, well designed, but it’s also tremendously useful for those who are always on the go (and want others to know it).

I won’t be at all surprised when Apple features this app sometime soon. Heck, if I could, I’d feature it on my office wall.

Category: Travel
Developer: A Tasty Pixel
Cost: $1.99 (on sale at press time)
Download: The Cartographer
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  • Michael

    Thanks for the awesome review, Kirk! You've captured the essence of what I was aiming for with this app exactly.