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real weather girls main screenWeather forecasts and internet stalking: together at last!

I don’t mean to be cruel, but it seems to me the entire audience for Real Weather Girls is made up entirely of lonely, lonely men who want a smiling, cheerful woman to talk to them, to fill the aching gulf in their heart caused by their inability to socialize, to allay the sense that they will die alone and afraid, knowing that no one every truly loved them. Also, these men need to know whether they need a jacket this afternoon.

What is it?

Real Weather Girls is really two applications: the first bit is a basic weather forecast: highs and lows, and a little illustration showing if it’s going to be sunny, cloudy, or etc.

The other half of the application is video blogs by women who live in different regions. In my neck of the woods this is Erin (Libra), who lives in Chicago, working as a musician. Erin (and the others) posts short videos almost daily, talking about her life, showing off the alley in back of her apartment, and talking about getting ready for an upcoming show. What neither Erin, nor any of the other “girls” talks about as near as I can tell, is the weather.

Yes, the “Weather Girls,” were not apparently picked for their training in meteorology, but because they are good looking and are willing to shoot short daily videos about their lives. They run from the mundane—Whitney (Taurus) in Las Vegas getting her hair done for a pageant—to the mildly salacious—Camilla, London, (Cancer), who does a regular segment from her bubble bath.

camilla in her bath

How does it work

Weather-wise, RWG can either detect your location, or you can center a city or zip code to get you forecast. You get the current temp along with a week-long forecast, but that’s it. If there’s precipitation, there’s no details on how much or when it’s expected to start.

At the top of the screen is the Real Weather Girl for your region, and a shortcut to her latest video, or you can cut to an archive if you need to catch up on her latest doin’s a-transpirin’. But don’t worry, you’re not just limited to watching the woman who lives in your basic geographical area, you have access to all the Real Weather Girls, none of whom, as I may have mentioned, ever actually talk about the weather.

No, wait, I take that back. Colby (Pisces, Los Angeles) did talk about the heat wave that recently gripped her city, and how without air conditioning her only recourse was to lie on her bed with a cool rag while wearing her bikini. My apologies.

If you’d like to interact with the Real Weather Girls, you can post comments to their videos and they might post a response! Or they might not!

Is it contagious?

I’m not bothered that Real Weather Girls exists. I’m bothered that they didn’t take the concept and run with it. They take a weak weather forecast with no expanded information and attached it, with twine and chewing gum, to an average series of video blogs.

Why not get women who were actual meteorologist to talk about their lives, women who would geek out about the weather, and explain why they find it intersting? What makes a blog interesting is not that the person leads an interesting life, but they talk about their lives with passion. That they are interested in what they do, and they have to talk about it.

Real Weather Girls is an unwieldy chimera, a great idea that could have been Weather Underground married with the NextTV Weather Report. Instead it feels like looking out the window while Facebook-stalking the pretty girl you met at a bar.

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  • Paul adderson

    Dear sir,
    How do I get the app,for real weather girls.As the app in question.Has been taken of,from the app store.As I used to have the app.But I had to change to another iPhone.I have tried to get it.But no luck.Can any one help.