iStopMotion gets a tilt shift update

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iStopMotion 2.5

You know that tilt shift effect you can apply to photos to make the real life objects look like miniature-scale models? Well, with iStopMotion 2.5, you can apply it to your miniature-scale models! Boinx Software has announced an update to their powerful stop motion animation program that adds a tilt shift feature, as well as support more digital and HDV cameras.

The headline, though, is certainly the Tilt Shift Filter. From the press release:

Tilt Shift is perfect for stop motion animation’s small movements and individually photographed frames. This unique pairing of Tilt Shift with stop motion and time-lapse recording software allows animators to expand creative expression, manipulating the depth of field of their images so that life-sized locations or subjects appear miniature in size. “By adding the new Tilt Shift effect to stop motion and time-lapse movies, an animator’s creative expression can take a giant leap forward,” comments Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software.

An example of iStopMotion 2.5’s new Tilt Shift functionalities is available at their Facebook page.

The additional updates in v2.5 include:

  • Full support for new Canon DSLR camera models and HDV camera support in iStopMotion Pro when Logic Studio or Final Cut Studio is installed.
  • A new Send to iMovie function in the file menu, for quick and easy export of your stop motion animations to iMovie 8 or later.
  • Enhanced color correction in iStopMotion 2.5 Express and Pro to allow users to adjust the atmospheric settings of a shot at the time of capture.

The iStopMotion 2.5 update is free for all current owners of a valid iStopMotion 2 license. For new purchases, iStopMotion 2.5 Home is available for $49, iStopMotion 2.5 Express is available for $99 and iStopMotion 2.5 Pro is available for $499 via Kagi. More information on purchasing options is available at the Boinx website.

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