Black Friday 2010: 16GB WiFi iPad for $399 at TJ Maxx

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iPad at TJ Maxx

Not to be outdone by Sam’s Club’s recent discount on iPads, it seems as though some TJ Maxx locations are carrying 16GB WiFi iPads at the earth-shatteringly low price of $399. That’s a solid Benjamin off normal price. Seems that Black Friday deals may be less and less useful this year if things like this continue to happen.

TJ Maxx iPad sticker

First things first, not all TJ Maxx locations actually have stock of iPads. The only confirmed stores, at least earlier today, have been in Ohio and New York. Some of these stores indicated they will be holding their stock for Black Friday, which makes sense. So, if you’re ready to pounce on this deal like a half off pair of American Eagle jeans with a marker through the label, hold your horses and give your store a call. At $100 off, it’s worth the hassle.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. TJ Maxx normally sells products that have minor imperfections or had previously been ordered in far larger numbers than necessary. We know the latter isn’t true, because iPads are selling like crazy. So, do all of these iPads have dead pixels or something? Honestly, I have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all refurbished. And that’s not to say you still shouldn’t buy it. The last few Macs I’ve purchased from Apple have been refurbs, and I’m very happy with each and every one to this day.

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