Black Friday 2010: Apple deals coming

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Apple Black Friday deals

Hold on to those order buttons, folks; Apple might be offering something good as the compnay joins the Black Friday shopping gig. Apple has unveiled the official teaser for this coming Friday’s Black Friday event, inviting all of use to check out Apple online store to know which products are up for grabs at cheap prices.

The teaser, though, reveals nothing, serving more as an invite to visit the Apple site again on Friday.

Come back to the Apple Online Store the day after Thanksgiving for a special one-day-only holiday shopping event. You’ll find dozens of great iPad, iPod, and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.

With the iPad posing as a great Christmas present, we’re hoping that Apple will put out some good deals not only for forgettable products but top-quality, highly-demanded Apple products as well.

As Apple reveals further details about the specials be running, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can identify from the hotlist which products you are most likely to get.

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