Social Media + Dropbox = Free Storage

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dropbox free storage options

Like Dropbox? Use Facebook and/or Twitter? Want 768MBs of free storage? Have no idea what I’m talking about, but want to save and share your computer files from anywhere?

Dropbox is a simple service. You create a folder on your computer. Anything you drop into that folder is synched to The Internet Cloud, meaning you can access it via the web, synch folders between computers, e-mail links to files, and access multiple revisions of files. You get 2GB of storage free. with “Pro” storage, you get 50 or 100 GB for an additional fee.

But there are ways to get more free storage. The first is using a referral link (like that one right there). Get your friends to sign up and you both get 250MBs of extra storage (up to 8 GB). But Dropbox also offers ways of getting an additional 768MB of storage by linking your social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) to Dropbox… even if you delete them right away.

It breaks down like this: Dropbox will give you 128MB of extra storage for each of the following steps you take:

  • Say what you like about Dropbox

  • Connect your Twitter account
  • Connect your Facebook account
  • Follow @Dropbox on Twitter
  • Tweet about Dropbox (auto filled with the statement you made about Dropbox)
  • Update your Facebook status (likewise)

And with each step you take you’ll get 128MB of storage.

Now, if you’re worried about the privacy of giving an external app the ability to access your info or post to your account, or simply find that Dropbox is posting too often, you don’t have to keep these unlimited settings. After each step, you can alter or remove the settings.

In Facebook, go to Account > Privacy Setting > Applications and Websites > Edit Your Settings > Applications You Use and alter or delete Dropbox.

In Twitter, go to your Connections page and Revoke Access.

Of course, if you leave the posts up and anyone follows your referral to install Dropbox, both you and he will get the extra 250MB.

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