Appletell reviews the Cloth Addiction microfiber cloth

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Cloth Addiction ClothProvides: Microfiber cleaning cloth for device screens
Developer: CTA Products
Minimum Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
Price: $8.95
Availability: Now

While you may love the touch screen goodness of your various iOS devices, your screens probably don’t. How would you like getting all grimy and dirty after being poked and touched all day? Thankfully, plenty of companies have made cloths that are meant to clean your screen better than any other cloth in the world ever could. CTA’s Cloth Addiction microfiber cloth is one such cloth.

This cloth is a few inches larger than an iPad screen and is made of fibers “so thin that if you laid out 10,000 miles of the fiber the total weight would only be one ounce.” The small size of these fibers are what are meant to make the cloth so effective. And as you’d expect, it is pretty effective. Both my iPhone and iPad were pretty grimy since I tend to eat and use my devices at the same time. After rubbing them with this for a little bit, they were actually quite clear and shiny.

In short, this device is going to work better than simply rubbing the phone on your shirt. However, it’s not going to protect your screen from simply getting dirty again. That said, it’s small enough that if you have a larger iPad case, you could easily store it in that or a laptop case to have on the go.

Basically, if your’e a clean freak when it comes to your screen, this would be perfect for you. If not, it’s still a nice material to have laying around for various electronics you have.

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  • ricky

    but it also true that microfiber cloths requires some special care