Pulse News Reader for iPad becomes more social

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Pulse News Reader for iPad

Remember the iPad-only Pulse news reader? Yes, that’s the news reader app which gained some good accolades from various tech sites and tech personalities. Well, Pulse News Reader app for iPad has just become more social with the integration of some Facebook features.

With Pulse 2.1, you can now add Facebook as one of the feed items. This will allow you to see wall posts, videos and links shared on Facebook, as with the news sources. Once you’ve added Facebook, you can also comment and like posts right inside the app. Plus, you can quickly and easily share any article on your Pulse feeds. The app will also let you watch videos right inside the app. Of course, since it’s just been updated, it follows that the new version is now iOS 4.2 optimized.

In case you’ve installed the app before and forgot all about it, you’d also be surprised that the new version now has tab pages to accomodate various news feeds. This means you can lump together feeds from similar categories. So, at one page you can add Appletell, Gadgetell and Gamertell feeds so you can scan new posts from these sites on one screen. Pretty neat, right?

If you want a good news reader for your iPad, Pulse is a highly recommended app. You can grab it for free from the App Store now.

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