Start mixing and scratching with algoriddim’s djay for iPad

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djay for iPadHitting the App Store today is algoriddim’s djay for iPad, making the iPad one of the best tools for DJs in the process. It has direct access to your iPad’s music library and allows you to control the mix in a superb multitouch environment. The app’s feature list is surprisingly close to the desktop version of djay, but the price isn’t; djay for iPad is available now for $19.99.

You likely already know algoriddim for their amazing DJing application for Mac named, what else, djay. Previously, they had released the djay remote app for iPhone to control this desktop app from any iDevice, but you still had to have the desktop app to make it all work. It was a good solution at the time, but now we have iOS 4.2, and there are some pretty fancy things that developers can do.

What separates the new djay app for iPad from the old controller app is that it’s fully self contained. That means you have maybe 80-90% of the power of the desktop app right on your iPad, for $20! Not only that, but you could easily argue that this app is superior to the desktop app in some respects since you have full screen multitouch control. That makes controlling the app a breeze. The app even supports AirPlay, so if you have an Apple TV or Airport Express hooked up to some speakers, you can rock the party wirelessly. And while we’re listing iOS 4.2 features, it supports background audio too, so you can leave the app while you’re mixing to check your mail sans problems. I’m seriously impressed, and you should be too.

I took the app for a quick spin earlier and I can tell you that if you’re at all interested in DJing, this app is a must have. It has direct access to any song on your iPad, so you don’t have to worry about loading songs specifically into the application or having a notebook to control. It has incredible support for multitouch. You can stratch, seek and tweak until your fingers bleed. It’s very satisfying and super easy to use. And even if you aren’t a master DJ yet, you can hit the AutoMix button, just like on the desktop app. About the only thing it can’t do (yet?) is apply effects to your songs. You can adjust playback speed and equalizer settings, but effects aren’t there. I’ll let it slide.

Like I said before, if you have any interest in DJing at all, you owe it to yourself to check out algoriddim’s djay for iPad.

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