Get 8 extra iPhone 4 hours with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus

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mophie juice pack plusMophie has just released their latest battery extender for the iPhone 4: the Mophie Juice Pack Plus. Available now from the Mophie site, the Juice Pack Plus promises to give you an additional 8 hours of usage when paired with your iPhone 4. According to Mophie, the Juice Pack Plus has their largest juice pack battery, which would double the time that you can use your iPhone 4.

I’ve had the Mophie Juice Pack Air before for my iPhone 3GS but decided to sell it to a friend after a week for the simple reason that it adds to much bulk to my already bulky iPhone. It also adds some weight. Perhaps this is also the gripe of most Mophie Juice Pack Air users. So, hopefully, Mophie has redesigned the Mophie Juice Pack Plus so—as much as possible—it will not make the ultra thin iPhone 4 to much thicker.

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus promises to give you the following hours of usage when used with your iPhone 4:

  • Up to 8 add’l hours talk time on 3G; 16 hours 2G
  • Up to 7 add’l hours internet on 3G; 11 hours WiFi
  • Up to 44 add’l hrs audio playback
  • Up to 11 add’l hrs video playback

If those numbers sound good to you, then you might want to order the Mophie Juice Pack Plus now. It’s available for $99.95. For that price you’ll get a nice iPhone 4 accessory with standby/charging sync, a protective rubberized band, an acoustic sound enhancer and a status indicator.

Product [Mophie Juice Pack Plus]

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