E-Gear reviews the Q460 Quincy Jones Signature Line Headphones

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AKG by Harman Q460 Mini On-Ear Headphones

Our friends over at have published a review of the AKG by Harman Q460 Green Quincy Jones Signature Line Headphones that we think you’d like to see. Why? Because quality headphones are much more important than you can imagine if you’ve never bothered to upgrade your Apple earbuds, and because we didn’t get to try these out ourselves. Also, when you’ve got names like Harman and Quincy Jones on your product, that demands a certain amount of respect.

From the review:

As to be expected, a new set of headphones bearing the name of music icon Quincy Jones come with no small degree of hype. After all, “Q” doesn’t put his name on just anything. Grammy-winning producer/arranger/composer Jones is associated with quality sound; if he’s behind an audio product, it better be good, right? So the big question here is, do the Q460 headphones live up to their hype – and their namesake’s reputation?

Most definitely. The Q460 provide sound reproduction that’s as vivid, punchy, powerful and accurate as you’re likely to hear from commercially available on-ear phones. They’re comparable with the studio-level “cans” they were developed to emulate. They are ear-delicious.

They’re also visually striking! The nearly florescent green color of the model I reviewed (they’re also available in black) is certainly vivid and hard to miss. It may not appeal to more refined consumer, but the Facebook generation will probably love it. It’s certainly original and bold. And you probably won’t have much trouble finding these in the dark.

The Q460 headphones carry a $229 MSRP, and retail for around $170.

For further details and comments, head over to E-Gear’s Quincy Jones Signature Line Q460 headphones review.

Product [AKG by Harman Q460 Mini On-Ear Headphones]

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  • rock123

    The Q460 has a very sleek look, especially the white with black ear pads and leather cushion at the top, and provides you a comfortable feel for long-time usage. The sides are extendable to fit the size of your head, and they go up to a good length.

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