Appletell exclusive: Mac App Store to open December 13th? [updated]

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mac app store on a macbook air

[Updated Dec. 7th, 7:08 p.m. See below for details.]

An inside source has just told us that Apple is targeting a Monday, December 13th launch of the Mac App Store. The company apparently told developers to have their software prepared for a launch as early as Monday the 6th of this month, but our contact would be shocked if that happened at this point. Apple has made no official announcements regarding this, and delays could always happen, but there’s a push to be launched before Christmas, well ahead of the previously estimated January release. Guess from where this push has come.

Yes, that’s correct. Our source indicated that Steve Jobs wants an early release, and wanted to go even sooner on the 6th. That obviously didn’t happen, but Apple appears to be way ahead of schedule on the Mac App Store nonetheless, and looks to take advantage of the Christmas rush. It’s not a bad idea, of course. Although software always makes a good gift, it generally comes wrapped up with ribbons and bows. That won’t happen with a digital distribution system, but gift cards for said App Store would make those who nearly forgot about buying a gift look like they knew what they were doing all along.

As we learn more, we’ll report it here. Meanwhile, as we all look forward to seeing if Apple meets their December 13th target, learn more about what the Mac App Store is and what it means for the future of Macintosh software purchases at the links below.

[Update (Dec. 7th, 7:08 p.m.): Our source called us an hour ago to state that this isn’t going to happen after all. “Word just came down,” we’re now told, that not only will Apple not have the Mac App Store ready to go on the 13th, but that, “…due to numerous issues,” it’s likely being pushed back to January once again. It’s our guess that whatever caused Apple to miss their (rather optimistic) release on December 6th is proving more troublesome than originally thought. We didn’t get any more details other than that our source and Apple are both “disappointed,” so we’re only left to apologize for getting everyone’s hopes up. We’ll stay on top of this, and will let you know if we get more substantial evidence that something is about to change.]

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  • Kauri

    I really hope this is true, would love to see the release earlier than expected, I know that a lot of people have been waiting for it!!

  • PamG

    Oh, big fun to watch what happens to prices, once the big *AND* little guys find themselves fighting for the potential purchaser's attention, and dollars. Merry Ho Ho Ho indeed!

  • will

    I also think it will be released ahead of schedule, hopefully you are right with the date. Before Xmas would be nice for many reasons.

  • Fernando

    Angry Birds for my Mac!!!!!! 😀

  • stephane

    I'm curious to see how much time will be required for all those applications to go through the approval process at apple… Either they will go with just a few developers (I doubt that will happen) or they will put everything on there without approval…

    I doubt the store will be available before january… too much too do still.

  • CapitolMac

    Makes sense to me! Release it just in time to capitalize on all the people who will get iPad/Airs/Macs this holiday. They'll be all ready to go downloading Angry Birds and Puck Billiards :)

  • ritesh

    such a gr8 information. i am glade to read it.

  • Kirk Hiner

    Looks like you were right, Stephane, as you can see from this update. I spoke with a developer after the initial conversation with our source, and he seemed worried about the 13th because he wouldn't have his program ready to go (and he obviously wants to…being there on launch day is huge for business when people are eager to spend).

  • Malik Wahaj Ahmed

    Actually Apple is doing the right thing with this new Mac App Store. I think they really don't want to cut down their business for the currently hyped iPhones and iPads at this christmas. They should bring down the Mac App Store after all these rush hour markets late in January or may be at Valentines because with that Apple will reach the new heights of popularity. They should launch it wisely because this is the chance they can come back into the international PC market as well with the Mac and this is the golden chance Apple has after the record breaking gadgets like iPhone and iPad, they are IN at the moment and they should cash it wisely. Thanks for the article !