iRustic: A luxury gift guide for Apple fans

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Not sure quite what to get for that Mac or iDevice owner in your life? As a group, Mac and iDevice users tend to be an affluent bunch—you know, the has-everything-gadget-guru who is notoriously hard to shop for and has pretty expensive tastes on top of it. Recent trends in the high end Apple accessories market include natural materials like leather, bamboo, and reclaimed wood that lend a rustic and intimate feel to the gadgets they complement. Many of these products are handmade, which makes them not only incredibly unique gifts, but also provides a great boost to small businesses. Here are some choice offerings to make your shopping a little easier for the Apple fan in your life.

Orbino Padova iPad Case

Louis Vuitton or Orbino Padova iPad Cases

You will have to give these as wait-for-it gifts (the expected availability is early 2011 for both), but for the style-conscious iPad owner, these are sure to bring a smile.

Louis Vuitton’s offering will come in a variety of styles, including the brand’s signature monogram.

For a less flashy but still luxe case, the Orbino Padova (pictured) provides a customized flip case with integrated kick-stand cover.

Available in a choice of leathers with maximum price of nearly $700 (pricier than most iPads), each case is hand stitched and unique.

Price: Louis Vuitton approximately $365, Orbino Padova approximately $210-$700, both available early 2011.

Blackbox MacBook Pro Case

Blackbox MacBook Pro CaseWho could resist a felt-lined solid oak shell for their MacBook Pro? Blackbox makes cases for both the 13- and 15-inch models, and both are handmade, distinctive, and protective. Like carrying around a boxed set of the works of your favorite author, it affords the high tech MacBook Pro an earthy note while keeping it scratch free and secure.

Be sure to check out the Blackbox Blog for a read that is every bit as hilarious as the cases are beautiful.

Oh, and 15% goes to charity, which makes the recipients’ smile when they tear open the box the second best part of this gift.

Price: $129, available at

BPCustomWoodWorks Zebrawood Drive

BPCustomWoodworks External Hard Drives

Gleaming. Shining. Warm. All adjectives that can be used to describe a hard drive, but instead of the cold, clinical plastic/metal cases and uncomfortably warm hard drives you may be accustomed to, BPCustom’s hard drives shine with beautifully rich wood tones that have the charming look of a just-finished hardwood floor. With wood choices ranging from standard mahogany to a blend of walnut and acacia to an exotic zebrawood, it is impossible not to find the right look.

Standard offerings include a 500GB bus-powered drive, though custom orders are possible. Most pieces require a two-week lead time, so get your order in now.

Price: Starting at $142, available at

QSpeaker Maple

Q Speakers

Handmade speakers, in your choice of Walnut or Maple (Oak is coming early 2011, so that may be a wait-and-see gift if the recipient’s decor demands it). With impressive specs and the highest price tag of the bunch, this speaker provides a stunning visual addition straight out of Hobbiton…New Zealand that is!

The company’s mission statement reads, “Dedicated to producing the best looking all-in-one speaker system in the world,” and the products exude a minimalist design zen and commitment to simplicity that looks like Jonathan Ives and Steve Jobs channeled in wood.

Price: $1,400, available at

hard graft Tilt iPad Case

hard graft Tilt iPad Case

With the warm woolen goodness of a traditional Tirolean Hat, the hard graft case wraps your iPad in an ingenious layer of felt. The felt encases the screen when closed, but then folds out and allows you to roll/fold it to a desired incline to prop your iPad up at the perfect angle. From down flat for gaming to a high angle for reading an iBook or watching a movie, the Tilt can handle it all.

The felt even adds a certain springiness to the iPad, replacing some of the tactile response that is lost with the albeit gorgeous multitouch glass displays.

For the user who prefers function over pure design aesthetic, the Tilt will prove to be a useful iPad companion.

Price: Approximately $135 (depending on the exchange rate), available at

There you have them—five outstanding luxury gifts for the Mac or iDevice user on your holiday gift list. With the warmth and beauty of natural materials, each gift promises to provide protection, rustic charm, and an undeniable flair to your gadget lover’s life.

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