Ten Christmas apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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Christmas Light Finder

Christmas Light FinderLight Year Software has Christmas Light Finder, a new app for iOS devices that makes it easy to find and preview nearby Christmas light displays. It is no longer that rare for a homeowner to set up an impressive Christmas light display in their front yard, often animated and set to music. Sometimes entire streets or neighborhoods get into the festive spirit, with nearly every house stringing lights on every tree and bush. Christmas Lights Finder is the guide light displays on iOS: where to go, a preview of what’s there and community ratings to avoid over-hyped expectations.

At start, the app determines the user’s location and queries a central database for nearby light displays. They are shown on a map using light bulb markers, colored to indicate the average rating. Tapping on one reveals additional details, including a photo if one is available, a 0-5 star rating, and buttons to visit the display’s website, open the location the Maps app and report a problem.

The average rating used to color the bulbs on the map screen comes from the community of users. The detail screen includes a quick, two-tap method to submit a new rating. For devices with a camera (iPhones and fourth generation iPod touches), photos may be taken and sent in for locations that don’t yet have one, or for when the photo is from a prior year.

In addition to ratings, the app encourages users to contribute locations of light displays both big and small. On devices with a GPS, adding a new display is almost as fast as rating an existing one: just two taps, taking only a few seconds. With a few more taps, a photo and rating can be submitted at the same time. The app takes care of sending the data to the server in the background, allowing the user to return to the map and continuing using the app. Devices without a GPS can enter new displays with the manual mode by typing the address. Manual mode is always available, too, making it possible to enter an address when the user isn’t physically present at the location.

Price: $0.99

Product [Christmas Light Finder]

Musical Lights Lite

Just in time for the holidays, Gamez 4 Touch has released Musical Lights Lite 1.2 for iOS. Musical Lights is a unique virtual light display. Users create scenes in the app by adding lights, then adding music to the finished display. Musical Lights Lite is a free version of Musical Lights. Musical Lights allows users to decorate photos from the in-app library, or the users own photos. Using cutting edge techniques for music analysis, this app is unique in the way that the display responds to music in real time.

Musical Lights Lite

A palette allows users to select from multiple choices of color, lamp styles and size then applying them to the photo by tapping the screen. For more detailed light placement, zoom in on photos by pinching the screen. The user must also choose from the beat, bass, mid or treble selection when decorating with the lights for the design to respond to the music. If a variety is not selected, a hint suggests you change some of the bulbs. Example displays are included to help with design ideas.

There are six pieces of music to choose from, mostly variations on popular holiday tunes. In the full version, the user can add their own favorite music. An intuitive user interface combined with hints ensures these features are utilized. Designs can be as simple or as elaborate as the user wants, and the email feature makes sending masterpieces to friends easy.

Price: Free (Musical Lights Lite), $0.99 (Musical Lights)

Product [Musical Lights Lite]

iSoundGrid Northpole

Mobz Technologies was able to sneak on the north pole express and capture some very nice sounds from Santa’s secret village! You ever wondered what Santa’s toy workshop or the candy factory sounds like? They’ve got it.

It all started a few days ago when the heard the North Pole Express blow its Horn for leaving for the north pole. They managed to jump on a empty wagon. When they made our way from wagon to wagon, a deep Snoring sound got louder and louder. Finally they stumbled upon Santa sleeping in front of a nice warm flickering Fireplace. Silently they made our way out and hide behind a big pile of wood.

iSoundGrid Northpole

The railroad ended in front of the Toy Factory. What productivity! More than hundred elves were busy building toy’s, assembling parts and gift wrapping presents. They even saw a group of wooden nutcracker soldiers and hand puppets participate in a cheerful Toy March, and coming right at them. They got outside and entered the nearby building. This happened to be the Santa’s official Candy Factory. They saw huge bowls of colorful white, green and red bubbling syrup and long tables full of beautifully decorated gingermen. Huge piles of candy canes, nuts and sweets at the center of this huge factory were carried throughout by elves.

They had to hurry before they got discovered and hide themselves in a little office. One old elf got in and they had to hide behind a this huge Christmas tree. The elf tuned in on Radio North Pole and sat down in his couch. Then it suddenly happened. The Tree Fell and all the Christmas decorations crashed on the floor. They were kicked out by the Elf Police and got a bad notice on Santa’s list, ouch …

But luckily, they still got everything recorded. They have put some of these sounds in the free iPhone edition. The rest of the sounds are in the iPad edition.

Price: $1.99.

Product [iSoundGrid Northpole]

3D Coloring Book for Kids: Christmas

3D Coloring Book for Kids: Christmas, ian engaging holiday themed digital art utility optimized for use on the iPad and developed specifically for children’s use. True to its namesake, this app offers users the ability to color in three dimensional outlines of classic and well known Christmas characters, allowing them to rotate and move original content that they fill in with the colors of their choice around inside the app. Fully consumer approved and an established digital holiday hit, 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Christmas is now available on the Apple App Store.

3D Coloring Book for Kids: Christmas

A perfect catalyst for children to nurture their artistic abilities, 3D Coloring Book: Christmas gives children much greater freedom to explore art and personal expression than do other conventional coloring apps. Meanwhile, keeping up with the holiday season, festive pre-drawn 3D outlines of the North Pole, Reindeer, and Santa’s elves among many other figures are available for coloring. Furthermore these clear outlines ensure that even the most inexperienced of children can effectively create fluid illustrations. As users color in various portions of 3D Coloring Book’s canvas, changing hues and shading effects are automatically added to create a realistic three dimensional appearance.

With a remarkably diverse and useful set of features, 3D Coloring Book: Christmas can fully engage children’s imagination’s during this holiday season, helping them create vivid Christmas illustrations that are uniquely theirs. The app gives users the ability to add pre-designed themes and afterwards even allows the users to insert some animation to their newly drawn Christmas characters.

Keeping finished art is simple with 3D Coloring Book: Christmas as artwork can be saved directly within the application itself. The success that 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Christmas has experienced during after it’s winter release goes to show that the winter holidays aren’t simply the season for giving, they can be the season for learning and family oriented fun as well.

Price: $2.99

Product [3D Coloring Book: Christmas]

Elf Cam

Phone Elf CamThe magic of Christmas is captured in Wet Nose Design’s brand new iPhone app, Elf Cam. Designed by Engineer Elves at the North Pole’s Connected Christmas Company, Elf Cam allows users to record night-vision video footage of Santa Claus climbing down the chimney in their own living room. Elf Cam’s Ho-Ho-Ho-cial Networking service provides a two-way communication tool for children to ask any Christmas questions they might have, and to receive answers directly from our staff of professional elves.

Elf Cam’s Ho-Ho-Ho-cial Networking service provides a two-way communication tool for children to ask any Christmas questions they might have, and to receive answers directly from our staff of professional elves. The good/naughty list is to also be made public for the first time, and a real-time submission system is provided for sending Christmas lists directly to Santa’s workshop. All these services are manned 24-hours a day by elves, based in the North Pole’s Cold Call Center.

The app has 27 videos written and performed by top British comedian Matt Price dressed as an elf answering questions and giving updates from the North Pole. The graphics are beautifully hand-drawn by Canadian illustrator Marcus Cutler.

Price: $1.99

Product [Elf Cam]

Christmas Cats

Indie developer Tangible Games has nnounced the release of Christmas Cats and Christmas Cats HD, iPhone and iPad Christmas themed games that will help everyone get into the holiday mood. Can’t help but wonder what cats do on the Christmas Eve, when people are sleeping? They’re catching Santa’s gifts, of course!

Christmas Cats

Christmas Cats offers stylish hand drawn visuals and addictive, simple gameplay with finely tuned tilt controls. Give a gift to someone special. Play a great game. Get into the holiday mood with “Christmas Cats.”

Price: $0.99

Product [Christmas Cats]

PopOut! The Night Before Christmas

christmascaroliosLoud Crow Interactive Inc. announces the release of PopOut! The Night Before Christmas, the second installment in the PopOut! series of interactive digital books. The book is available for download worldwide on the iTunes app store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch devices.

Based on the 1902 book by William Wallace Denslow, PopOut! The Night Before Christmas combines original text and illustrations with rich interactivity to create an authentic yet modern reading experience.

The company also announces that 10 percent of all proceeds from PopOut! The Night Before Christmas, until Christmas, will be donated to local children’s charities.

PopOut! The Night Before Christmas features uniquely interactive elements such as pull-tabs, spin-wheels, spring-mounted elements, and objects that literally pop out of the page. Some objects such as candies and leaves turn into the real thing when touched. Immersive sound effects and a classical piano soundtrack of “O Christmas Tree” accompany the professional voice narration. The book features both “read to me” and “read it myself” modes and provides educational value by allowing any word and page number in the book to be read aloud simply by tapping it.

Price: $4.99

Product [PopOut! The Night Before Christmas]

Moving Tales’ Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas, the exciting new 3D Animated App produced by Moving Tales Inc., is featured on both iPad and iPhone App Stores in the U.S.


Moving Tales’ Twas the Night Before Christmas is the classic American Christmas poem designed, narrated and 3d animated like you have never seen it before – playful, funny and slightly irreverent. Every page is fully animated includes film caliber music and sound effects, the App lets the user choose from one of three professionally recorded narrations, lets the user record their own voice reading the poem, and includes numerous animated surprises, including an hilarious one minute intricately choreographed st-nick-delivering-gifts-in-a-home-dance-routine.

Price: $1.99 USD

Product [Moving Tales’ Twas the Night Before Christmas]

Santa’s Eatin’ Cookies 1.0

A new Christmas themed puzzle game, “Santa’s Eatin’ Cookies” has been released for the iPhone and iPod touch. Everyone knows that Santa eats many, many, many cookies every Christmas Eve as he delivers all the children’s toys across the world. However, what most people don’t know is that all the other nights of the year Santa expects the same treatment. If Santa doesn’t eat cookies until his belly is large and satisfied, he gets angry. And no one likes an angry Santa. Trust us, it’s not pretty.

Santa's Eatin' Cookies

Take the role of a newly recruited elf, hired to keep Santa happy by feeding him cookies on all those days between Christmases.

Price: $0.99

Product [Santa’s Eatin’ Cookies]

Appy Holiday

Appy HolidayAppThem announces the release and immediate availability of Appy Holiday 1.5, an innovative Christmas greeting iPhone app. Appy Holiday provides a game-changing capability that never existed in any Ecard software before, either on the Internet or on a mobile device.

Appy Holiday allows the user to create a Custom App with his or her picture and turn the picture into an interactive Santa Clause that can be touched, dragged, and flicked on an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Then the Custom App can be installed on user device’s Home Screen as any native app downloaded from App Store.

Furthermore the Custom App can be sent to family members and friends as a holiday greeting. Recipients have the same capability to interact with the Custom App and to install it on devices, as the creator does.

Price: Free (it will be priced at $0.99 after the promotion period)

Product [Appy Holiday]

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  • dana

    Christmas light finder is an amazing application. from where can i download it directly?

  • Nicola

    Punflay has released 3 new apps for Christmas- 12 days to Christmas, Jerricho the Elf and My Story Time! Gift it to the little ones at home! Happy holidays!

  • J.M.

    Yesterday I got SoundFlavors. Awesome. You can play christmas songs without knowledge and its fun.
    And they have a strange commercial video too :)

  • StudioB

    Studio B has released another cool 3D interactive iPad book just in time for the Christmas named: "The Night Before Christmas Popup". A video of the book in action is available here:
    And the app can be downloaded from iTunes here: