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Whether you’re looking for a gift for the holidays or a present for yourself, iPad cases are probably number one on every iPad user’s list this year. iPad cases come in many different styles and colors, and each has different feature sets. So, I thought I’d make it easy for you and aggregate all of the best iPad case reviews into one place. That should give you a head start (and if you waited this long to buy a gift, you’re going to need it).

iSkin Duo

iSkin Duo for iPad

The iSkin Duo is your standard silicone sleeve style case for iPad, except that it comes with a frame that perfectly covers the bezel of the iPad. Unlike many cases, this one can be still be used with a dock. It comes in seven different colors and protects your iPad from minor bumps and falls for $49.99.

Buy the iSkin Duo for iPad.

Moleskine Folio

MoleSkine Folio for iPad

What do you get when you cross the best of old world technology like a notepad with the best of current technology like the iPad? Moleskine’s Folio for iPad of course. It’s a case that houses your iPad on the left and a Moleskine notepad on the right. It’s the best option for those of use unwilling to fully commit to new technologies. And hey, if you’re going to insist on writing notes on real paper, you can’t write on much better than a Moleskine. But this one, as you could probably have guessed by the brand name, doesn’t come cheap. It’s $64.99, but some say you get what you pay for.

Buy the Moleskine Folio.

Moshi Muse

Moshi Muse iPad case

Looking for something a bit more simple and elegant? The Moshi Muse just might do the trick. It’s a sleeve made of a suede-like material lined with beautiful stitching. The inside is lined with microfiber, which will do a decent job removing some fingerprints from the screen of your iPad while in transit. What it won’t do is carry anything other than the iPad. If you carry a bunch of accessories, this isn’t the case for you (unless you plan on using it with another larger bag). It is priced with this in mind though, coming in at $30.

Buy the Moshi Muse.

StealthArmor for iPad

StealthArmor for iPad installed

If you’re looking for the ultimate in minimalism, StealthArmor is the answer. While it isn’t a case, it does provide an amount of protection from scratches and bumps on the backside of your iPad. It’s basically a fancy sticker that covers the entire backside of your iPad. Cases can’t get this thin. It’s almost like going naked…well, your iPad at least. If you simply have no room for the bulk that most cases add, this is your best bet.

Buy StealthArmor for iPad.

MusicSkins for iPad

MusicSkins for iPad

MusicSkins are along the same lines as the StealthArmor, just minus the military-grade protection and plus more design choices. Again, these are basically stickers, but you have a ton of design choices with MusicSkins, all at $20. Maybe you’ll find one you really like.

Buy MusicSkins for iPad.

Solid Lines Bluetooth keyboard case

Solid Line's Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

Many of us have ditched notebooks or netbooks to rough it with the iPad. This is made much easier thanks to iOS supporting Bluetooth keyboards. But then you have to schlep around a keyboard. As you can guess, at least a few companies thought this was a golden opportunity to kill two real iPad problems with one figurative stone.

One of those companies is Solid Lines. They have a rather bulky case that has a slot for an iPad and a flap that not only covers the face of the iPad, but also houses the Bluetooth keyboard mentioned previously. The keyboard has a rechargeable battery, so no need to worry about replacing it. It’s supposed to last up to 90 hours, which is likely good for one trip.

Sadly, this combo is a jack of all trades, master of jack type combo. Both the keyboard and case are good, but not great. The price point doesn’t reflect this at $120, but if you need this sort of functionality now instead of waiting a few months for something else to come along, this is where it’s at.

Buy the Solid Lines Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad.

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