ClamCase iPad keyboard, case and stand now available

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If you’ve been waiting for the ultimate iPad accessory, your wait my finally be over. The ClamCase iPad keyboard, case and stand is now available for purchase. It combines a Bluetooth keyboard with a notebook-like case that also functions as a convertible-style stand. Basically, it’s every accessory you’ve had your eyes on except an external battery.

If you haven’t been following since we first covered the ClamCase, it’s an amazing accessory on paper. It makes replacing a notebook with an iPad even easier. Many might even mistake this for being a notebook since it’ll be hard to tell the difference from a distance.

The Bluetooth keyboard is powered by a rechargeable battery. This is recharged via USB with the supplied cable. The keyboard should feel familiar if you’re used to Apple’s chicklet design, which I for one can’t live without anymore. The keyboard battery is rated for 90 hours of constant use, or 100 days of standby; two ratings that will likely never be truly tested in real life. In addition, the keyboard has function keys that make accessing the Home, Lock, Search, Cut-Copy-Paste and more features dead simple. And since it’s Bluetooth, the iPad doesn’t actually need to be inserted in the ClamCase to work.

When closed, the ClamCase is 1 inch thick, which is still pretty thin. Once you insert the iPad, you have a number of different configurations to choose from. The most obvious is the notebook configuration, but you can also twist the “screen” around like a convertible tablet design. That makes the ClamCase a very articulate stand, giving you nearly infinite control over viewing angle. You can continue this motion all the way around and fold it down to use the iPad as normal-only-fatter mode.

I haven’t had a chance to test out a ClamCase yet, but I’m betting it’s going to prove one of the most useful accessories on the market for the iPad. And if you act quickly, you can save a few additional dollars on this guy. They’re currently offering a gift card redeemable for a ClamCase for $99. That’s $20 off their already reduced price. And while you likely won’t get it by Christmas, it’s more than likely worth the wait.

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