2nd gen Apple TV closing in on 1 million sold

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Apple TV

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the one who caused the 2nd gen Apple TV to skyrocket in sales, even if I just got my unit today. It’s coincidental, I suppose, although I do wish I was the one millionth buyer. Anyway, Apple has announced that the sales of the new Apple TV will hit the one million mark any day from now. Apple TV provides you with a simple way to watch your favorite HD movies and TV Shows on—and stream Netflix, Flickr, YouTube and MobileMe content to—your HDTV.

Apple said its Apple TV, which is priced at $99, has been getting a lot of mileage from users and buyers lately. In fact, rentals and purchases of movie and video content on iTunes have reached more than 400,000 TV episodes and 150,000 movie downloads daily.

Popularity in the device was renewed when iOS 4.2 came out. The added functionality of streaming audio and video through AirPlay was added and is now supported by iOS devices.

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