Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 review

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Provides: Extra battery life for iPhone 4
Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow
Developer: mophie
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $99.95
Availability: Now

Everyone could use a little extra battery life for the iPhone, especially if they depend on it for work and play as most people do. Thankfully, the market for iPhone cases and batteries is quite large, with plenty of options for users to pick from. It’s also a market where Mophie has certainly been making a name for itself.

We gave their iPod Touch case five stars, and after using the case for the iPhone 4, the same rating applies. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is a pretty awesome battery case. As with most cases that are also batteries, it does add quite a bit of heft to the phone, but it was a smaller amount than I’ve noticed with other battery cases. Furthermore, it has a button with LED indicators of how much battery it has left, as most battery cases do.

mophie juice pack iPhone 4

One thing that’s pretty great about the Mophie case is the power switch. On the bottom left of the case, a small switch allows users to turn their battery on or off. This means your case and iPhone can go for days before needed to charge either of them. Simply turn it on to charge your device to full power, then turn it off to conserve the case’s battery life. When the case runs out, it’s charged with a USB cord and plug on the bottom right of the case. The iPhone can also sync with iTunes via this charger cord for the case.

Overall, I found using this case to be quite nice. In terms of battery cases, it’s among one of the best and one of the smallest. It also provides more use as a battery than other cases because you can control how long it lasts via the switch on the side of the case. While $100 may be a lot for a case, it’s definitely worth it if you need the extra battery life.

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Mophie Juice Pack Plus review

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  • Tom Nottle

    I am disappointed in the Mophie iPhone4. I bought this product in
    April of 2011 and the plug in portion has failed me four time. This last time the guaranteed ran out so I am left with no unit. This plug receptible is poorly designed. It should be at the bottom where in a fall it would be jerked straight out rather than
    now the cord is pulled sideways and breaks the electrical connection within the unit.
    An excellent product with a fatal flaw!