Free alternatives to Apple’s alarm app

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iOS iconWhen it comes to the iPhone, Apple mostly got it right. There are a lot of highly advanced features built into iOS—so many that it appears some more trivial functions got overlooked in the development process. To cut a long story short, if you were a proud iPhone owner on January 1st, there’s a very high chance that you overslept your phone’s alarm. Why? Because for a reason unknown to man, one-off alarms decided against completing their duties, causing many people around the world to have a late start to the year.

It’s not all despair, though; there are two pieces of good news to share with you. The first, is that Apple responded to the issue by saying the alarms would automatically fix themselves by January 3rd (although there are still reports of iPhone alarms not working as they should). The second, is that the built-in is not your only option for a wake up call each and every morning.

The guys over at have put together a collection of four free alarm clock alternatives for iPhone users, with each one being capable of sounding every day of the year. Some are also more advanced than Apple’s own offering, allowing you to wake up to your favorite radio station, or seeing your local weather as you wake.

Let’s take a quick look at their suggestions:

Best Alarm Clock – Turn your iPhone into an amazing digital alarm clock packed with great features, including weather and temperature in your local area, multiple alarms for setting appointments though out the day, six awesome built-in alarm tunes, multiple snooze settings and more!

Multitasking Music Alarm Clock – Provides a beautiful digital alarm clock, and with the help of multitasking support, your alarm will sound even if the app is not running.  Wake up to songs from your music library or choose from 22 built-in sounds. Plus, get the weather for your city through the iPhone’s built in GPS.
Atomic Clock Deluxe – Is the most accurate alarm clock available on mobile devices, providing accuracy within a myriosecond. Choose to be awakened by four different built-in sounds, or select a song from your library. Plus, with push alarm, you get a notification even when the app is turned off.
Alarm Clock Radio – The combination of clock + radio has been a classic for over 50 years, and now it’s available for your iPhone. Alarm Clock Radio displays an attractive, easy to read clock that’s perfect for your desk, kitchen or nightstand. The radio is powered by SHOUTcast™ Radio with over 25,000 free stations.

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  • Ken

    while these are listed as free… in fact, only the first one comes up free. the second is 99 cents, the third $9.99 and the 4th isn't available in the US.