CES 2011: Audiovox’s Acoustic Research iPad speaker docks

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You might not guess that a press conference from Audiovox would be filled with Apple accessories, I know I didn’t. But surprisingly enough, Audiovox’s Acoustic Research announced a plethora of new iPad docks across a range of price points. If you have an iPad (or other iOS device), they likely have the perfect bedside speaker dock for you.

First up is the ARS45i. It’s Acoustic Research’s top-of-the-line iPad speaker dock.  It has a clock, 30 watts of sound and even component output for connection to your TV.  The dock looks pretty slick and will be available for $129.99.

Next is the ARS35i, which might just be more interesting than the 45i.  It has a powered cradle to hold the iPad.  This means you can change orientations on the fly, via remote control.  No more manual rotation for you!


It has less power than the 45i at 20 watts, but the motorized arm may just make up for that.  Five adapters are included so you can use this guy with iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPod nano.  This one will retail for $129.99.

The ARS30i looks a little more like what you might be used to in iPod docks.  It has a very rectangular look to it with a high gloss finish.  It has an FM tuner built in, composite outs and the same five adapters.  This one will go for $99.99.

As we continue, you’ll notice that the features and price points are fading away. The ARS20i is no exception.  It can hold the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientations, but honestly, there isn’t a lot else to talk about here.


This one can be had for $79.99.

And finally, we make it all the way down to the bottom, the ARS13i.  This is basically a no frills pedestal that charges your iPad.  Sadly, that’s really all there is to say about it.  The price point reflects this at $39.99.

All of these should become available sometime in spring.

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