CES 2011: RCA USB power solutions

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During Audiovox’s Press Conference, RCA made a number of announcements aimed at keeping your iDevices and other USB gadgets charged. There are three in total, and seem to be cover all basic charging needs for iDevice users.  Whether you’re at home or on the go, RCA will keep you charged.

RCA announced the PCHSTAB1. It’s a no frills iPhone power dock with two additional USB ports and an AC socket as well.


This should be perfect for anyone who just wants to keep their iPhone within reach at night, possibly with other gadgets, all of which can charge the night through.

Along the same lines is the PCHCLIPR.  It’s a wall charger with two USB ports.


It’ll charge and hold an iPhone while plugged into the wall and charge one other device.  Alternatively, you can charge one iPad, since it requires extra power.

The PCHUSB2R is very similar, but more directed at travel.  It has the same two USB ports, but no holder of any sort.  As a result, it’s a bit smaller.


It comes with a rounded cap to cover the AC prongs so it doesn’t have its way with anything else in your bag.

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