Dexim Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad review

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Provides: iPad protection
Developer: Dexim
Minimum Requirements: iPad
Price: $29.95
Availability: Now

Silicone cases for iDevices are a dime a dozen (not literally, of course). However, they’re not all equal. Some fit better, some have better designs/colors, and some come with additional materials to justify the cost. With their Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad, Dexim gets some of this right, but also gets some of it wrong.

As you’d expect from a silicone case, it provides full protection for the back and edges. The home button is covered beneath a textured lip button, as is the power switch. The volume buttons, speakers and headphone jack are open, with decent fits and access provided.

The problem here is that the lip only comes about halfway across the bezel, and is therefore a bit flimsy. It doesn’t sit still, and kind of bends open on the wider edges. It’s not going to fall off or anything, but the lip often slid around under my thumbs as I was trying to hold it.

The design is a bit odd, too. It comes in nice shades of black, purple, red, green or blue, with transparent markings on the back. The design is called “laser-etched eywa tree,” and I’ve got no problem with it visually until it’s actually on the iPad. The Apple logo shows through it in a manner that makes it look like it shouldn’t, causing an odd visual effect. Nitpicking, perhaps, but you need to consider design when you’re talking about Apple.

Dexim Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad

Dexim makes up for this by including some screen protection. You get a little bit with the bezel lip, as it provides a small cushion between the screen and floor should you drop your iPad. In addition, Dexim also provides an anti-scratch screen protector (and a cleaning cloth). An included squeegee-card will help you get it in place, but some air bubbles may remain. Are those worth the extra scratch protection it provides your screen? Likely, yes.

And so, the Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad is a decent case, but not the best silicone option available. It provides solid protection, but is hurt by a loose fit and a design that just doesn’t look right. Honestly, though, if that’s not an issue with you in the image above, it won’t be when you have the case on your iPad.

It will still be loose, though.

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Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad review

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