Paper Glider is the 10 billionth downloaded app

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Paper Glider

After announcing that the 10 billionth app had been downloaded from App Store, Apple has now revealed the name of the app. It’s none other than (drum roll)…Paper Glider, a free iPhone game which lets you flick and fly a paper plane. That’s some good publicity for them as, based on the ratings it received prior to becoming the 10 billionth download app, this game is nothing stellar at all.

But we really can’t do anything about it now. Whether Paper Glider is worthy of the publicity, no one can take away the fact that it just became part of Apple App Store history.

Now, the other most important thing here is who got to download the app? According to Apple, it was a Gail Davis from Orpington, Kent, UK. There were even some reports saying Ms. Davis rejected Apple’s call thinking that it was a prank call. But Apple finally got through and Ms. Davis was informed that she just won $10,000 iTunes Gift Card for downloading the 10 billionth app from the App Store.

So, there you go, folks, until the next Apple App Store countdown. Hope you get to win next time.

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  • damian ragar

    Kinda funny that Gail Davis it was telemarketers! Makes me want to think twice next time I hang up on one of them.