Evouni Nano Fiber Pouch for iPhone/iPod review

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Nano Fiber PouchProvides: Protection for iPhone, iPod and similar sized gadgets
Developer: Evouni
Minimum Requirements: iPhone, iPod classic, iPod touch, and similar sized gadgets
Price: $18.00
Availability: Now

Last week I reviewed Evouni’s Handmade Felt Pouch for iPhone. It’s nothing more than what it says—a pouch for your iPhone—and I really liked it. Now, I’m reviewing Evouni’s Nano Fiber Pouch for iPhone. It’s nothing more than what it says—a pouch for your iPhone—and I just don’t like it nearly as much. Hopefully I can explain why, because I’m not 100% sure myself.

I like the texture of the Nano Fiber Pouch, which is made of Japanese Toray Ecsaine textile. I could look up exactly what that means, but I’ll leave that to you. I’ll just say it’s soft and smooth to the touch, and very comfortable to hold. It comes in five colors: purple, dark gray, pink, orange and light blue. The sturdy, external stitching around the edges matches the color of the case. It’s a very low profile design.

And the design is really all it is. Aside from a lanyard loop (lanyard must be purchases separately), there’s not much to the Nano Fiber Pouch. You slip the iPhone into the top, and that’s it. As with the Handmade Felt Pouch, it’s designed to offer extra protection from scratches and drops when you’re carrying it in your pocket, purse or bag.

But it doesn’t stay in place as well as it does with the Handmade Felt Pouch. After carrying it in my laptop bag, I’d often find the top of the phone sticking out an inch or two.

Perhaps what really knocks it down for me, though, is the lack of character. It doesn’t feel like an iPhone case, it feels like a generic gadget case.

Nano Fiber Pouch

Maybe that’ll be a good thing for some of you, though. You can fit any iPhone here, really. The iPod classic and iPod touch. When Apple changes the form factor of the iPhone again, it’ll still likely fit in the Nano Fiber Pouch.

But between the two, I prefer the better fit of the Handmade Felt Pouch, and I prefer the uniqueness of the wool, even though it’s almost twice as expensive. The Nano Fiber Pouch is a well made, quality product that does exactly what it claims to do, but it doesn’t offer enough in functionality or character to separate it from its competition.

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Nano Fiber Pouch for iPhone review

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