Dexim’s 5 in 1 Bumper Kit for iPhone 4 review

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Provides: Edge and screen/back protection for iPhone 4
Developer: Dexim
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $24.90
Availability: Now

Now I see why Apple gave away their bumpers for free. And why even then no one wanted them.

I appreciate the theory behind the bumper. As you may have noticed in my recent flurry of iPhone 4 case reviews, I prefer to have a skin on my iPhone, because people around me need to know what my favorite hockey team is. I also like the scuff and scratch protection skins offer without adding any bulk.

But they don’t provide a buffer between the phone and the desktop, and they don’t cushion the phone from drops. A bumper would allow me to get this protection while letting the skin show through.

This may still be possible somewhere, but not with Dexim’s 5 in 1 Bumper Kit for iPhone 4. I mean, yes, they do this, but not in a comfortable way. And this comes down entirely to construction and fit.

Dexim's 5 in 1 Bumper Kit for iPhone 4

The Dexim bumpers are simply too loose. They’re easily placed around the edges of your iPhone, with the proper openings for your dock, volume buttons, headphone jack, etc. But the silicone material isn’t rigid enough, and therefore bows out on the edges and top/bottom every time you grab it. The bevels will slide off the phone, making it awkward and annoying to hold.

You do get five bumpers for the price, but I didn’t really like any of the colors. The black and white options are fine, I suppose, but the blue, purple and red are all too bright and basic, like the colors you’d find on a child’s toy.

Dexim was kind enough to include an anti-glare screen protector with squeegee card for installation, along with a cleaning cloth (the site states you get five sets of these, although my review unit only contained one), but those don’t make this kit worth it.

I’ll still see if there’s a bumper out there that works like I want to it to. I don’t have much hope, though, because Dexim makes some really great iPhone cases, and they weren’t able to get this one right at all.

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Dexim 5 in 1 Bumper Kit for iPhone 4 review

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