Feral games return to Mac App Store

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Feral games announced today that they’re returning to the Mac App Store, restoring their previously-available LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Rome: Total War, as well as adding Bioshock and Borderlands. The company, which ports games to the Mac platform, had briefly offered the first two before file corruption problems caused Feral to pull them. Those issues are now resolved, and the games are available for purchase once again.

You can read the Appletell reviews of Bioshock, Rome: Total War here, and our sister site, Gamertell, has a review of LEGO Harry Potter for the PS3 version.

We don’t have a review for Borderlands however, and whenever we ask why, mommy cries and stares out the window. We don’t ask any more.

Products [Feral Interactive]

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