Macworld 2011: Unique iPhone cases [updated]

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Macworld is iDeviceworld. I think we all know that now. But rather than fear change, we at Appletell will embrace it, especially it when it concerns some really cool iPhone cases like the ones here. This is by no means a fair sample of the diverse collection of accessories available on the show floor, but these are the ones that caught our eye on a busy day one.


It’s like bedazzling your jeans, only on your iDevice case, and more expensive.

Luxmo Full Diamond cases

Luxmo offers standard designs and the ability to customize your own, but they’re all fancy as all get out. They’ve got a very dynamic display set up here at Macworld Expo that looks more something you’d see at a jewelry store at the mall.

Product [Luxmo Full Diamond iPhone 4 case]


Trexta has a huge variety of cases available, most with European or sporty styling. Our favorite, though, though is this one, because you get to design it yourself.

Trexta case

They have a lot of these at their booth, and are letting people write on them with magic marker. Obviously, you’ll be more artistic than we were, but they’re a lot of fun no matter how well you’re able to doodle in study hall.

The trouble is that they’re not yet available for iPhone 4; they’ll ship in March. iPhone 3G owners, however, can get theirs now.

Product [Trexta]

Power Support

Power Support also distributes many styles of cases for many devices, but the ones that caught my eye on the show floor this year are those in their Designer Air Jacket series.

Designer Air Jacket case

With designs by Rachel Pally, Rory Beca and Tibi—each of which comes in different color schemes—there’s enough here to meet the tastes of most of those with an artistic flare. In addition, the cases feel great to the touch. Very sharp looking, and well-fitted.

Product [Designer Air Jacket Cases]


If art isn’t quite your thing, but soft basketballs and darts are, you’ll want to check out the licensed Nerf collection from PDP.

Nerf case

Online, they currently only have NBA versions available with Nerf construction. On the show floor, though, they’ve got the designs shown above, which are much cooler, if you ask me. And beyond the nostalgia factor, they’re bound to offer some pretty amazing protection from drops, scratches and being tossed 20 yards for a back-of-the-end zone TD grab. They should be available this spring.

Watch Appletell throughout the weekend for more coverage of Macworld iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories.

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