OS and browser market shares for January 2011

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NetMarketShare has posted its Operating System Total Market Share metrics for the significant players for January, 2011 (December ’10 figures in parentheses) tracking changes over the the past month. Perhaps the most significant metric this month, at least psychologically, is that Windows has dropped below 90 percent share for the first time in a very long time. The Mac OS gained just short of a quarter of a point over the month, while the iOS’s share increased significantly for the second month in a row. It extended its lead over Linux, which is well below a one per cent share of the market and dropped infinitesimally, but sustained its November takeover of 4th place from JavaME, which was up a bit. Android also consolidated its hold on 6th place, gaining 8/10ths of a point on the month.

Windows – 89.70% (90.29%)
Mac – 5.25% (5.02%)
iOS – 2.05% (1.69%)
Linux – 0.95% (0.96%)
JavaME – 0.91% (0.89%)
Android – 0.49% (0.40%)
Symbian – 0.28% (0.28%)
BlackBerry – 0.12% (0.13%)
Windows Mobile – 0.03% (0.03%)
Playstation – 0.03% (0.03%)

Operating System Versions

In terms of OS specific versions, Windows XP and Vista continued to fade in January, with XP now well below 60 per cent share (albeit still in front in raw numbers of users by a yawning margin), while Windows 7 continues to grow share. Apple’s OS 10.6 Snow Leopard at 16 months since its release in August, 2009, is by far the most prolific Mac OS version, with more than eight times OS 10.4 Tiger’s receding user share (Tiger continues to hold on, however, losing another three-tenths of a point last month—stark contrast with Windows, whose OS 10.4 contemporary Windows XP, as noted, is still by far the most prolific version in the Windows space. iOS (iPod, iPad, and iPod versions collectively) continued its impressive market share ascendency, for a solid second place in the Apple OS spectrum for the second consecutive month. However, the iOS’s 2.06 percent global share is vastly exceeded in some countries, notably Singapore (9.98 percent), Australia (5.6 percent), the U.K. (5.1 percent), and the U.S. (3.4 percent). Linux remains stalled at less than one percent market penetration.


Windows XP – 55.26% (56.72%)
Windows 7 – 22.31% (20.87%)
Windows Vista – 11.66% (12.11%)
Windows 2000 – 0.27% (0.31%)
Windows NT – 0.13% (0.22%)


MacOS X 10.6 – 3.33% (3.05%)
iOS – 2.06% (1.69)
Mac OS X 10.5 – 1.44% (1.46%)
Mac OS X 10.4 – 0.40% (0.43%)
Mac OS X (no version reported) – 0.06% (0.07%)

Linux – 0.95% (0.96%)

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Browser Share

Turning to browsers, Internet Explorer is down a bit more in its steady trajectory of decline while Firefox remained near-static, still under 23 percent. Chrome was once again the biggest gainer among the major browsers in January, pulling convincingly above 10 percent for the first time. Safari also advanced by nearly half a point. Opera rounded out the top five again, and managed to claw back some of its losses over the past few months, with version 11’s rich slate of cool and innovative features (such as the new tab stacking and visual gestures) evidently sparking some interest. Opera mini finished sixth again, although it slipped back significantly.

Browser Total Market Share January 2011 (December ’10 figures in parentheses):

Microsoft Internet Explorer – 56.00% (57.08%)
Firefox – 22.75% (22.81%)
Chrome – 10.70% (9.98%)
Safari – 6.30% (5.89)
Opera – 2.28% (2.23%)
Opera Mini – 0.89% (0.98%)
Netscape – 0.85% (0.78%)
ACCESS NetFront – 0.05% (not rated here last month)
Konqueror – 0.05% (0.05%)
Flock – 0.05% (0.05%)
Mozilla – 0.03% (0.03%)

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