Free apps roundup for February 4th, 2010

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The DailyThis week on the Free Apps Roundup: You’ve heard rumors of an iPad exclusive periodical, and now it’s a reality. Can’t keep track of your favorite TV shows? No worries; there’s an app for that. Maybe you’re an aspiring guitarist, but you just can’t find the right chords. Yeah, there’s that, too, along with a bunch of other apps and games to keep you occupied for this weekend and more.

  • The Daily – You’ve heard about it, now you can have it. The Daily is “the first digital news publication with original content created every day exclusively for the iPad.” It’s supposed to take the quality of a magazine and mix it with the real-time updates of a website. Essentially it’s supposed to be the best of all worlds. They’re promising 100 “pages” of original content every day of the year along with HD video, 360 images, interactive content and more. Your first two weeks are free. After that, just a dollar a week with Apple’s new subscription system.
  • SideReel – Everyone loves TV. It’s a fact. This app creates your own personal TV calendar. It tracks the shows you watch, the ones you want to watch, when episodes you missed will air again…heck, it’ll even send you a notification when your show is almost on. If you have a hard time remembering when your favorite shows are on, you should definitely check out SideReel.
  • TinkerBox – No, this is not a box containing Tinkerbell, though it might be even cooler yet. It’s a free-to-play physics puzzle game. And like any good game should, it teaches you basic engineering concepts and science facts along the way. You can build machines and share them online. Sounds pretty awesome to me.
  • All Guitar Chords – Here’s a universal app that has a library of over 3,000 guitar chords. Not too shabby for a free app. Plus, the interface is pretty nice. Can’t ask for much more without paying.
  • Weight Recorder – Yet another app to keep track of your weight. This one keeps records and graphs your progress over time. Keeping track of your weight is a good way to motivate yourself to keep up the diet and exercise program. Keep up the good work, or start.
  • Tiki Golf HD Free – Try your hand at game of 3D mini golf on iPad or iPhone. It’s not just normal mini golf though. There are power boosts, ramps, moving platforms and more. There are 3 modes, 2 difficulties, 2 worlds and 18 courses. That’s should be enough to keep your occupied.
  • Coin Dozer for iPad – Another coin pushing game. Apparently, these are pretty fun, though I struggle to find the enjoyment here. It’s a freemium game, so you can push those coins a little for free, and if you really like it, you can pay to push even more.
  • Thermo – A thermometer and very little else. If you’re only going to do one thing, you’d better do it well. Thermo displays the temperature very well. It’s a color coded thermometer with some serious style. The ads may be a bit more obtrusive than you might like, though.
  • Ping3D – Pong plus a dimension. It’s harder than it sounds. This one is universal.
  • LEGO Minifigures Collector – I think we can all agree that LEGOs are awesome. This app challenges you to correctly match the heads, torsos and legs of 32 unique minifigs to add to your collection. It’s like a sideways slot machine with yellow plastic body parts. Sweet.
  • BigBangGame – Despite the title, this is actually Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. And while I truly love The Big Bang Theory, this game did not originate on it. The rules are simple: Scissors cuts Paper covers Rock crushes Lizard poisons Spock smashes Scissors decapitates Lizard eats Paper disproves Spock vaporizes Rock crushes Scissors. I, however, disagree. Logic always wins. Therefore, Spock always wins. Always.
  • MasterCode – Remember Mastermind? This is that, only on iPhone and iPad. A simple game, though sometimes those are the most fun. It’s free for a few more days.
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