Luna SST alarm clock speaker dock giveaway

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XtremeMac Luna SST giveaway

I can safely say my favorite time of day, nearly every day, is that moment when I first lie down to go to bed, another successful round of Appletell posts behind me. My least favorite time of day, nearly every day, is when the alarm clock goes off (at 4:43 in the morning). If it’s the same with you, we’d like to bring some joy to your mornings by giving one lucky winner a Luna SST dual alarm clock speaker dock from XtremeMac, valued at $129.99.

Xtrememac’s Luna SST is more than just an alarm clock, it’s a home audio system that allows you to create the ideal sleeping and waking environments. It features a detachable speaker for placement on an opposite nightstand for a companion alarm and full stereo sound. Each alarm can be set independently of the other for true dual sound. Luna SST has an easy to read LED with brightness control so you can set it as bright or dim as you prefer. It also includes a free XtrememMac alarm clock app from that fully integrates with the product to enhance and personalize alarm clock functionality.

Additional features:

  • Dual alarm settings to wake to iPod/iPhone, FM radio or chime
  • Snooze and alarm activation controls on main and detachable speaker
  • Line-in jack for easy connection of other audio devices
  • Set clock automatically from iPhone or set manually from unit
  • AC powered with battery back-up for time and alarm settings

To enter:

  1. Read the XtremeMac Luna SST dual alarm clock speaker dock giveaway contest rules.
  2. Make sure you’re registered with Appletell and logged in (if you’re not registered and logged in, your entry will be void). No worries…we won’t spam you. We’re good about that.
  3. Leave us a comment below on this page, not on the contest rules page, by midnight, February 13th, 2011. Tell us what you like to wake up to: music, foghorns, roosters, etc.

That’s all there is to it. One lucky, random winner will then wake up to an e-mail from us announcing his/her winnings. Until then, good night!

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  • pmyers777

    I would just love to wake up to the sweet tones of my iPhone on my very on XtremeMac Luna SST. Who wouldn't?

  • pmyers777


  • DogFacedSoldier

    I like to be woken up by the sound of birds chirping.

  • mwexler

    I actually like rhythmic music: technopop, electro, whatever can break through my haze. I hate mornings.

  • s_chickie_b

    I'm a full time student/employee so I NEED something to play music by my favorite band Blind Pilot so I can wake up

  • Pat

    Aloha from Hawaii. I love waking up to the sounds of the doves cooing and the red cardinals chirping. Mahalo for a chance to win a Luna SST which sounds like a great alarm clock.

  • Roxy

    I love to wake up to the sweet sound of country music!!

  • adammerlinlarsen

    If I didn't have to wake up that would be better, but if I have to, the best way to wake up is to some brisk mountain air, with a little stream gurgling by and the wind sighing through the trees. Maybe a bird or two making a sweet call, but not a whole flock of them.

  • MTM

    A big train. Really big. 4 engines accelerating.

  • iclyne

    Living by the bay, I often wake up to foghorns, but would love the opportunity to awake with some Bobby McFerrin on my Luna speakers and iPhone

  • retire01022004

    Wake to news/weather – via headphone. So important has jack and alarm works both through headphone and speaker. Does it???

  • kempsterx5

    To be honest with you with all those beautiful sounds and music out there as long as I wake up to the sounds of the living that is sweet music to my ears.

  • Daniel Daly

    Anything but the construction on my street… Maybe I'll get a preexisting recording of some other jack hammers to mix it up a little.

  • auntietat

    I like to hear dogs barking!

  • abbekommen

    I struggle each morning not to kill someone on the NYC subway…no not literally but I do feel that way if my day starts out lousy. Finally someone comes out with something with decent sound and looks good and doesn't have a silly name on it like "iLove" AND its has cool orange lights, not some dippy green ones. Blue would have been great too. So want one!

  • pixulkid

    If the Sun had a sound – I'd like to wake to that. Or perhaps the sound of whiskey, firmly cuddled in heavy weighted glass? A purring Cheetah?

    All in stereo.

  • professionalbum

    It's kinda of a ritual for me ever since college; there's nothing better than to wake up listening to Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderful world".

  • Sidekickman23

    Ill say for me the sound of the Ocean waves should do it just fine
    With the help of this nice alarm clock from XtremeMac Luna SST
    That's how I would LOVE to start my Day !!!

  • jazboy

    I would like to listen Music at the time of wake up.

  • Tommy_Boy

    I love waking up to music and what better way than on this sweet Luna SST!

  • Leebo

    I like to wake up to old 80's music kinda sets the day, but I also like to fall asleep to a creek running and a humming noise because of the brain injury I had while in the army I have to have background noise or the ringing in my ears keep me awake

  • Knowltman

    I like to wake up to nice classical music. It's the most soothing way to end my sleep.

  • Boca Boi 786

    I love some country to wake up to

  • stsykes

    I like waking up to music to start my day!

  • Kirk Hiner

    The contest is now closed. Thanks for your entries. We'll announce a winner within a week.